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CrossFit Fortius South provides 2 major services, CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Our coaches are all professionals and have experience and proven results in strength and conditioning of recreational and competitive athletes across multiple sports. Our facility is equipped with top-notch equipment, for both Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit classes. The space is also set up to conduct Olympic lifting and CrossFit classes at the same time



img_8267The unprecedented growth of CrossFit has come about by serving the primary need of fitness and health club consumers – the need for building social networks.  CrossFit has grown over 100% per year since 2005, surging from a couple hundred members in 2005 to an estimated 3,000,000+ members worldwide in 2013.

CrossFit has become “the Facebook of Fitness” by establishing and cultivating a welcoming, supportive social structure and network.  Members make friends and social contacts with fellow group members and thus have an emotional attachment to the community – not just the fitness program.  This leads to regular attendance and better fitness results as a function of regular participation in physical activity.

While exercising at our facility, members talk to and support one another in a highly social, nonjudgmental atmosphere is very different from that of a typical health club. There are no mirrors on the wall, and no one is staring at you as everyone else is working out at the same time – and focusing on the getting through the workout.  Many members make lifelong friends and some even find their significant other.

CrossFit is a broad, general and inclusive fitness – one that best prepares trainees for any physical contingency.  In a typical CrossFit workout athletes conduct a warm-up, a skill or strength development segment and then a “Workout of the Day” or WOD.  The WOD by design varies from day to day, but typically includes a mixture of functional exercises conducted at high intensity from anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes.

Key to the CrossFit method is the idea that CrossFit is the “sport of fitness” — it attempts to harness the, “natural camaraderie, competition, and fun of sport,” by keeping score, timing workouts and defining rules and standards of performance. CrossFit is just that – a cross between weightlifting, gymnastics, running, plyometrics, endurance, and other functional physical activities.

Olympic Weightlifting


img_8270Fortius has the largest weightlifting program in San Diego, with the most credentialed and experienced coaches in SoCal.  Head Coach David Miller is an International USA Weightlifting Coach with 20 years of experience.  Coach Jesse Malcomb is a Senior National Coach with nearly 10 years of experience.  We also have 3 other Level 1 Certified USA Weightlifting coaches on staff as well.

The sport of Olympic Weightlifting is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic program in which participants attempt a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.  While there are relatively few competitive Olympic weightlifters (or more simply lifters), the lifts and their components are commonly used by elite athletes in other sports to train for both explosive and functional strength.

Nearly 75% of CrossFit workout involve a Olympic Weightlifting discipline, making it imperative to learn proper and safe technique.

Olympic weightlifters enjoy outstanding physical fitness including very low bodyfat. Weightlifting is also a life-long sport for both men and women; we have participants on our team ranging from teens to 50+ years of age.

Our coaches having produced multiple State, National, World/Pan Am team members, we support the Olympic goals of the United States – bringing our country back into the international spotlight.

Competitor Preparation


Fortius currently programs for over 4 dozen individuals across the World in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Sports Specific.

Having coached and competed at local, national, and international level – our coaches are uniquely equipped to provide you the program and strategy to compete at a higher level.  If you’re a competitive athlete, our programs will help you build your strength, speed, preparation, confidence, and sports strategy.


  • CrossFit Competitors
  • Strength Programming
  • Conditioning / Metcon Programming
  • Mental Preparation
  • Olympic Weightlifting Competitors
  • Weightlifting Programming
  • Competition Strategy and Preparation
  • Mental Preparation

You’ll defeat more gifted opponents, play better under pressure, and never lose focus.  Our specialized sports performance programs help take you to the next level.  We are devoted to athletes determined to compete at a higher level and win.

What have you got to lose?

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